[parsec-users] Profiling PARSEC BENCHMARKS

Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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What profiling strategy is the best depends on what type of information
you're interested in. Check the output of the profiling tools to see what it
does and make sure it gives you what you're looking for.


You can enable gprof support for the PARSEC benchmarks by adapting the build
configuration files. How to do that is described in the PARSEC tutorial
available from the PARSEC website.





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I am planning to profile the PARSEC benchmarks for my project. I plan to
profile the pthreads.


The ideas I came up were


-Instrumenting the glibc.


-Using gprof. But I am not sure how to enable gprof while building parsec.
Is this possible? I actually have a work around to use gprof for
multi-threaded application but I don't know how to enable gprof while
building parse.


Is there are any other better method to profile the benchmark or one amongst
the two would work? 




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