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Christian Bienia cbienia at CS.Princeton.EDU
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You need to change the number of threads that vips uses. Pthreadw has
nothing to do with that, it'll automatically recognize and instrument all
threads that vips uses. Vips expects the number of threads via an
environment variable, check the run config files in the parsec/ directory to
see how to do that.






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I am trying to use pthreadw to instrument pthread in PARSEC benchmark (for
now vips)


I compiled the benchmark using pthreadw but when I run the benchmark using


pthreadw ../inst/amd64-linux.gcc-pthreadw/bin/vips, 


the output displays the number of threads as 1.


How to change the number of threads, that is, how to give the number of
threads as command line argument for pthreadw?



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