[parsec-users] Using Pthreadw

Anusha anu.jeya at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 13:09:38 EST 2010


Here are my updated list of questions.  Ignore the previous ones.All the
questions are with respect to VIPS

- Does the -n switch in parsecmgmt run command have any effect on the output
files generated, namely big ben and output.v. That is do they change with
the number of threads or it generates the same output file, irrespective of
number of threads.

- Setting the IM_CONCURRENCY variable seems to have no effect on the number
of threads being created.

- When I run the pthreadw with just the vips binary, the number of threads
is 1.

- If I run it with im_benchmark bigben.v output.v, the number of threads is

- What is the effect of im_benchmark?

-Finally, when I set the number of threads using --vips-concurrency=8, the
number of threads is 11. Why does it add 3. This is the case when I set it
to 32 (number of threads is 35)

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