[parsec-users] Creating 1024 threads

kishore kumar kishoreguptaos at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 01:14:44 EDT 2010

I think that it depends on three things. You need to try.

1) The thread library - different libraries support different maximum
numbers of threads.
2) Implementation of the program. For example, you cannot run Facesim with
arbitrary number of threads (based on the available input files). I am
talking about the default version of the programs. You may modify the
programs to run with arbitrary number of threads.
3) Operating System

For example:
When I run swaptions with 512 threads on OpenSolaris.2009.06, it perfectly
created 513 (extra one is for main thread) threads. However, when I run with
1024 (command line argument), it produced only 999 threads (LWPs in


On 1 October 2010 21:58, Moustafa Mohamed <moustafa.asa.mohamed at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
>  I'm interested to know the maximum number of threads parsec can handle. I
> want to create say 1024 threads. Can the different parsec benchmarks handle
> that? Which benchmarks can and which can't?
>  Thanks
>  MM
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