[parsec-users] influence of interleaving and undeterministic

lulu he loloseed at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 21:28:45 EDT 2010


I'am using pfmon to profile PARSEC.
Because my machine only has 2 PMU ,
in order to get cache miss rate every 1M insns , I have to collect 3
events(insns_retired , cache_reference , cache_miss).
So ,this is the problem, I have to run the program twice(once
insns_retired+cache_reference , twice insns_retired+cache_miss) to
collect 3 events.

sometimes, I got cache_miss_ratio>1.0 because of undeterministic. But
most time , results seem OK.
I want to ignore the influence of such undeterministc stuff.
Can I?


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