[parsec-users] benchmarks L1 behavior

Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
Tue Sep 21 17:59:06 EDT 2010

I wrote a non-technical paper (article) in a 5-part series
This compares the benefits of L1, L2 and L3 (socket/NUMA node) scheduling
using the QuickThread parallel programming toolkit.
Jim Dempsey
jim at quickthreadprogramming.com


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Hi all,

I have found lot of papers on cache behavior and off chip traffic for parsec
benchmark. The most detailed one being the Technical Report TR-811-08. 

Now, I am interested in knowing strictly l2 behavior excluding the l1 cache.
An example of this would be if a benchmark has very high l1 hit rate,
optimizing l2 wont be beneficial. Can anybody point me to a paper which
treats different cache behavior differently?


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