[parsec-users] Blackscholes TBB Version: err_chk uses wrong tolerance

Yungang Bao ybao at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Dec 6 20:49:37 EST 2011

Hi Christian,

Thank you very much for the patch. I will use your patch to fix the problem in PARSEC 3.0

Best Regards,

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as I noticed here 
https://lists.cs.pr incieton.edu/pipermail/parsec-users/2011-May/001135.html 

The error treshold for "err_chk" in blackscholes has been changed from "1e-5" to "1e-4" in Parsec 2 or 2.1. 

Yet the TBB version of the blackscholes benchmark still uses the old treshold which leads to errors on large datasets using "float". 

In the attachment is a patch that fixes the tolerance, bringing it in line with the other blackscholes variants. 

Best Regards 
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