[parsec-users] does PARSEC build on the Mac OS X

Yungang Bao ybao at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Dec 19 11:14:03 EST 2011

Hi Vijay,

I'm sorry that we did not test PARSEC on Mac platform neither. Howver, the fluid animate benchmark primarily has only three source files (i.e., pthreads.cpp, parsec_barrier.cpp and cmp.cpp for pthread version) and doesn't depends on other external libraries. So you could try installing Gcc on your Mac OS.

In addition, for your case, actually 8GB disk space is enough for building fluid animate. You can also try running it on Linux platform. 

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I am trying to build PARSEC 2.1 fluid animate benchmark on my Mac OS X with intel 64-bit processor. I know PARSEC may not be compatible with MAC OS but I am giving it a try as I do not have access to a linux machine with 12GB of free space.

I am a student and I am trying to analyze this benchmark for a class project. The university provides me access to a linux PC but only allows 8GB of space. I tried installing Ubuntu on my macbook but there are a lot of issues making Ubuntu work with Macbook hardware.

Can somebody please suggest how I could proceed?

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