[parsec-users] Running freqmine with more than one thread

kishore kumar kishoreguptaos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 11:44:28 EST 2011


I have compiled and run freqmine with both g++-4.3.2 and sunstudio versions
on my OpenSolaris machine.
However it always runs as a sequential program.

I am compiling using g++-4.3.2 with -fopenmp option and using sunstudio12.1
with -xopenmp options.
There are no compilation warnings/errors.

I am running the program as follows:
$ env OMP_NUM_THREADS=4 ./freqmine webdocs_250k.dat 11000
I also tried with export OMP_NUM_THREADS......
but it doesn't work in either way.  It always creates only one thread.
Moreover, the omp_get_max_threads() of freqmine returns always 1.

Is there something wrong with the program ?  Please let me know.

Kishore Kumar Pusukuri
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