[parsec-users] Question about facesim -- understanding where Advance_One_Time_Step() is implemented

Matt Sinclair msinclair at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 8 16:49:46 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to understand how facesim works, specifically how
Advance_One_Time_Step() works, since it seems like that is an
important part of the ROI region.  However, I'm unable to find where
this function is actually implemented.  I followed facesim down to
SOLIDS_EVOLUTION_3D.cpp, line 128, where Advance_One_Time_Step() is
called (by a RIGID_BODY_EVOLUTION_3D object).  However, when I look at
the implementation of Advance_One_Time_Step() in
RIGID_BODY_EVOLUTION_3D, it says that it's not implemented.
Additionally, the other place I found that implements
Advance_One_Time_Step(), DEFORMABLE_OBJECT_3D, also says it isn't
implemented.  So, does Advance_One_Time_Step() not do anything?  Is it
implemented somewhere else that I'm not finding?

Matt Sinclair
University of Wisconsin-Madison
College of Engineering, ECE Dept.
Vertical Research Group

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