[parsec-users] Understanding PARSEC StreamCluster pgain function

Eric Harris eharris at cs.wisc.edu
Thu Jun 2 10:52:25 EDT 2011

In the pgain function, when it is called with an x-value corresponding
to an already open center, the gain function sometimes returns a
non-zero value.
Why would this be the case?

For example:
streamcluster 10 15 6 1000 1000 20 infile outfile 1
The pgain function will return a nonzero value multiple times when
(points->p[x].assign == x) upon entering the function, indicating it
is calculating non-zero gains for points that are already centers (and
thus are assigned to themselves).

What am I missing. Why is pgain not returning 0 for already open centers?

Thank You,
Eric Harris
eharris at cs.wisc.edu

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