[parsec-users] Fluidanimate Multiple Frames output for visualization

jahanzeb maqbool jahanzeb.maqbool at gmail.com
Sat May 21 09:01:29 EDT 2011

Dear authors/contributors

I have been working on fluidanimate and in my work there was a need where I
need to visualize the fluid flow. But there is a problem that the
output remains the same for 1 frame or the 100th. So what I did?

I changed the serial code in such a way that after each frame I saved the
Cells array data to a file with extension *.fluid<framenum>* and used this
Cells data
as input to next frame. To do this, I called *RebuildGrid *for just 1st
frame and for the rest of 99 frames it is not called.

In this way I got 100 output files having 100 frames data. Then I did parse
these files to IFrIT (visualization tool) input format and Visualized it.

But the effect of fluid is not interactive (like I am not able to understand
what is going on)  Watch it here:

Further playing around with the fluid constants when I put the *pressureCoeff
= 0* and I got this effect which I am again unable to understand.

Kindly if you have some improved version of Fluidanimate in which we can
generate n-frames for visualization sake, then please do let me know.
Because I need
to visualize it like fluid urgently for a project.

Any quick response will be highly appreciated.

P.S : I do not know about the complex physics behind it like Navier Stokes
equation and other stuff like that.

Thank you all.

Jahanzeb Maqbool Hashmi,
NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Pakistan
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