[parsec-users] Integration with a tool for evaluation and generation of NoCs

William Schneider william.schneider.001 at acad.pucrs.br
Fri Apr 20 17:10:54 EDT 2012

I use Atlas an environment that automates the various processes
related to the design flow for some of NoCs proposed by the GAPH Group
and eventually by other groups with which we collaborate. Currently,
the design flow is composed by the following stages: NoC generation,
traffic generation, simulation, performance and power evaluation. In
the NoC generation, the NoC parameters (for example, channel
bandwidth, buffer depth, number of virtual channels, flow control
strategies) are configured. In the traffic generation, the traffic
sceneries are generated to characterize the applications which execute
on the NoC. In the simulation, the traffic data are injected in the
NoC, occurring in this step the effective communication among the
cores. In the performance evaluation, it is possible to generate
graphics, tables, maps and reports to help in the analysis of obtained
results. The Power Evaluation uses an estimation model to generate NoC
power results (e.g. power reports).

So I like to known if Parsec has already been integrated with a tool like Atlas?

William Schneider

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