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Running 4 instances of the same program can provide some useful information,

What is the effect on program A of running additional copies of program A
(or programs similar to A) when total number of programs do not exceed
hardware thread count?

Issues such as memory bandwidth between programs as opposed to within a

The principal difference you will observe will be due to the following
differences in setup:

1) The 4 copies will have 4x the data whereas the multi-threaded single app
has 1x the data
2) The 4 copies will have 4x the number of instructions whereas the
multi-threaded single app has 1x the instructions
3) Cache miss by one application does not produce cache hit in other
application (it has a 3:1 probability of causing a cache eviction for one of
the other programs), whereas the multi-threaded single app can experience
cache miss by one app produces cache hit by other app (though probability
significantly less than 1:3, it is above 0).

Testing multiple applications are a good test when your interest is in
determining the productivity metrics of a system running multiple

This strategy is not a good measure of how a single threaded application
might "scale" on a system had it been programmed as multi-threaded.

Jim Dempsey

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The main characteristic of PARSEC suite is that it is a collection of
multithreaded applications. However it is possible to run a serial version
of those applications. Now I want to know is it fine to use serial version
like SPEC benchmarks? For example, is it fair to run ferret, fluidanimate,
dedup and facesim on a 4 core CMP (each core runs one thread) and report the

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