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Mahmood Naderan nt_mahmood at yahoo.com
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Seems that I asked the question wrongly. The problem is not running one 
program 4 times. I meant 4 different programs on 4 cores. As I said:

core 0 runs ferret 
core 1 runs fluidanimate
core 2 runs dedup
core 3 runs facesim

Each core runs the serial version of application (not multithreaded). 

I really don't understand why should I care memory bandwidth or lock contention in this configuration. 

To biswabandan:
The paper says this in section 5.1:
We simulate both 4-core (for sequential workloads) and 16-core (for parallel workloads) CMP systems

So I think it separate the workloads based on parallel or sequential applications. 

// Naderan *Mahmood;

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Apart from memory bandwidth, one more important factor that influence scalable performance of multithreaded program is lock-contention. I have observed that compared to memory bandwidth, most of the PARSEC programs are not scalable on a multicore machine with a large number of cores (e.g. 64 core machine) is because of lock-contention.

Kishore Kumar Pusukuri

On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 2:23 AM, Mahmood Naderan <nt_mahmood at yahoo.com> wrote:

>The main characteristic of PARSEC suite is that it is a collection of multithreaded applications. However it is possible to run a serial version of those applications. Now I want to know is it fine to use serial version like SPEC benchmarks? For example, is it fair to run ferret, fluidanimate, dedup and facesim on a 4 core CMP (each core runs one thread) and report the results?
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