[parsec-users] ruby dump-stats in simics

nilufar ferdous ferdous.nilufar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 17:56:15 EST 2012

Hello ,
I am running simulation using blackcholes(Parsec Benchmark) in simics. I am
confused when to take the coldcheckpoint and when to take

I do:
1.simics>read the saved checkpoint of input :in_4.txt
2.simics> magic-break-enable
3.simics>  c
bash-3.00#./blackscholes 2 in_4.txt out.1
PARSEC Benchmark Suite Version 2.1
[HOOKS] PARSEC Hooks Version 1.2

<simics console>[cpu1] v:0x00000000ff3807bc p:0x000d63987bc  magic
(sethi 0x40000, %g0)
Setting new inspection cpu: cpu1
4.simics> c

Num of Options: 4
Num of Runs: 100
Size of data: 160
[HOOKS] Entering ROI
<simics>[cpu1] v:0x00000000ff3806e8 p:0x000d63986e8  magic (sethi 0x40000,

*************************** Save as Cold checkPoint*********************
5.simics> write-configuration/home/lima/gems/simics-3-

6 Read the Cold-checkpoint:.
simics> istc-disable
simics> dstc-disable
simics> instruction-fetch-mode instruction-fetch-trace
simics> cpu-switch-time 1
simics> magic-break-enable
simics> load-module ruby
simics> ruby0.setparam g_MEMORY_SIZE_BYTES 4294967296
simics> ruby0.setparam NUMBER_OF_VIRTUAL_NETWORKS 5
simics> ruby0.setparam g_NUM_PROCESSORS 1
simics> ruby0.setparam_str REMOVE_SINGLE_CYCLE_DCACHE_FAST_PATH false
//for MOESI_CMP_token
simics> ruby0.init
simics> c 1000000
[cpu0] v:0x00000000ff3806e8 p:0x000573986e8  magic (sethi 0x40000, %g0)
simics>  ruby0.dump-stats "lima1p"

When I take the result here as  dump-stats I get zero
 L1D_cache cache stats:
 L1D_cache_total_misses: 0
 L1D_cache_total_demand_misses: 0
 L1D_cache_total_prefetches: 0
 L1D_cache_total_sw_prefetches: 0
 L1D_cache_total_hw_prefetches: 0
 L1D_cache_misses_per_transaction: 0
 L1D_cache_misses_per_instruction: 0
 L1D_cache_instructions_per_misses: NaN

 L1D_cache_request_size: [binsize: log2 max: 0 count: 0 average: NaN
|standard deviation: NaN | 0 ]

L1I_cache cache stats:
 L1I_cache_total_misses: 1
 L1I_cache_total_demand_misses: 1
 L1I_cache_total_prefetches: 0
 L1I_cache_total_sw_prefetches: 0
 L1I_cache_total_hw_prefetches: 0
 L1I_cache_misses_per_transaction: 1
 L1I_cache_misses_per_instruction: 1
 L1I_cache_instructions_per_misses: 1

 L1I_cache_request_type_IFETCH:   100%

But Instead when I use:

simics>  ruby0.init
simics>  c 1000000
[cpu0] v:0x00000000ff3806e8 p:0x000573986e8  magic (sethi 0x40000, %g0)
simics> c
simics> control+c

[cpu0] v:0x00000000ff134310 p:0x000049ac310  srl %o2, 11, %g1

simics> ruby0.dump-stats "lima1p"
In the target machine:
[HOOKS] Leaving ROI
 [HOOKS] Total time spent in ROI: 2.426s
 [HOOKS] Terminating

This dump-stat lima1p file is showing results which are not zero.

CAn you please help me when I should take the ruby0.dump-stats "lima1p
after ...the first way or the 2nd way?

Thanks in advance!

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