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Thu Feb 23 03:50:22 EST 2012

2012/2/22 Zhunping Zhang <zhunping at csail.mit.edu>

> Hi, I am new to PARSEC and try to study the pipeline apps in PARSEC, as a
> first cut I depicted what I learned as two figures, and describe them with
> several paragraphs. but I am not sure if they are correct or not, can any
> expert help me verify it?
The vips website has a page describing how its threading system works, it
might be helpful:


It uses two large sliding windows which are each filled with small tiles by
worker threads. As each window fills, a background write thread fires,
writes that section of image, and repositions the window ready to accept
new tiles. The windows are large enough to ensure that workers should never
have to wait for space to write. Each worker has a private "shadow" of the
entire chain of processing operations to reduce inter-thread dependencies.

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