[parsec-users] Cannot fix a problem of Freqmine segfault with icc

Zhunping Zhang zhunping at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jan 17 22:49:10 EST 2012

Hi All,

I recently changed the compiler of freqmine from G++ to ICC and  
experienced segfault for OpenMP version with more than one thread. I  
wonder if anyone has met this same problem and have any idea how to  
solve it?

I used GDB to see where it segfaults, and the location is different  
for multiple runs, roughly they concentrate in the follow locations:

FPArray_scan_DB2 ==> fp_tree::insert      (fp_tree.cpp : 986)
fp_tree::FP_growth_first ==> FP_tree::single_path     (fp_tree.cpp :  
first_transform_FPTree_into_FPArray      (fp_tree.cpp : 245)
fp_tree::scan2_DB      (fp_tree.cpp : 1101)

Where P1==>P2 means that it segfaults in P2 called by P1. All these  
calling are not from main, but from something looks like #3  
0x0000000000000 in ?? (), which as I guess is some thread spawned by  
openmp, but don't know if it is correct.

Many thanks!

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