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sparsh mittal sparsh0mittal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 13:12:49 EST 2012


I wanted to ask this, since this is important issue in parallel/multi-core

In multi-core simulation or a parallel simulation, one could use different
possible stopping criterion.
1. Run till each core/program has completed at least X instructions. If
some programs finish early, let it go on, but don't collect its stats.
Disadvantage: some programs finish quickly and some very late.

Since different programs have different IPCs, there is one more method.

2. Find IPC (or progress-rate) of each program individually (through
offline simuation) and then run till each core has completed its X(i)
instructions, where X(i) is proportional to its IPC. For example if PROG1
progresses slower than PROG2, then X1 = 100M and X2=400M (for example).

3. etc...

Is someone aware if method 2 is a valid/accepted stopping criterion in the
research-field? If so, can you give some feedback or reference for this. I
will be grateful.

Thanks and Regards
Sparsh Mittal
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