[parsec-users] How to set the input parameter for simsmall, simmedium and simlarge?

lonefish1999 lonefish1999 at 163.com
Mon Jul 2 23:59:50 EDT 2012

It works according to your suggestion. I know how to set the parameter list for different input size, now.
Thanks for your reply.

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I am trying to test the parallel implementation of the application and the kernel in PARSEC. However, I’m not sure how to set and change the input parameter of the application and kernel when the input size is changed.

For example, I know the input parameter list for large input when running the bodytrack application should be set as follow:

./bodytrack sequenceB_4 4 4 4000 5 0 ${NTHREADS}

But, I'm not sure how to set the parameter list for small input? (I mean that, what is the command to run bodytrack with simsmall?)

Is there anyone who can give me a document which lists the input parameter list for small input size for all the applications and kernels in PARSEC?


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