[parsec-users] Problems building DEDUP in Parsec-2.1

Akshatha mulki Bhat fdm546 at my.utsa.edu
Wed Mar 7 23:19:10 EST 2012


I have installed PARSEC 2.1 and  I am having troubles building DEDUP
I have the same problem as in the following thread posted OCT'11,"Trouble
building dedup"
I tried to apply the patches specified in that thread, but the second patch
for SHA1 fails with following error:

patching file pkgs/libs/ssl/src/crypto/sha/asm/sha1-x86_64.pl
Hunk #1 succeeded at 143 with fuzz 2 (offset -7 lines).
Hunk #2 FAILED at 187.
1 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file

Please help me out with this.

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