[parsec-users] Question about using PARSEC on gem5

Yungang Bao ybao at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Mar 12 11:51:46 EDT 2012

Hi Jinchun,

I'm sorry we haven't tried simulate PARSEC on X86 GEM5 yet. I think the most important step should be simulating a X86 machine with GEM5 and installing Linux on the simulated X86 machine. Maybe you can also post this question to GEM5 mailing list.

Best Regards,

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Subject: [parsec-users] Question about using PARSEC on gem5

Hi, I'm trying to simulate PARSEC on gem5 with x86 machine. 

However, I was not able to find any document which discussed implementing PARSEC on gem5 with x86. 

I've just started using linux and gem5, so I was wondering if I can get detail information about it. 

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