[parsec-users] PARSEC benchmark with contended traffic

Yungang Bao ybao at CS.Princeton.EDU
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Hi Udit,

Do you mean the traffic of NOC? 

Assume shared cache is distributed and interconnected by NOC, then the traffic depends on data sharing pattern. You need to look for those workloads which exhibit high data sharing behavior. Please refer to this paper to see the data sharing patterns of PARSEC workloads.

Christian Bienia, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaswinder Pal Singh and Kai Li. The PARSEC Benchmark Suite: Characterization and Architectural Implications, in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, October 2008.


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Hello friends,

I need help regarding traffic behavior of different benchmark.

We designed an Adaptive routing algorithm, and we are looking
benchmark with large contended traffic so that we can see real
adavantage of the adaptive routing.

I tried to look canneal application and my observation is that this
benchmark traffic is limited by large traffic on particular node (34).
But as I understand adaptive routing can provide great value if
contention is during the journey of the packets/flits.

I also tried to study papers on PARSEC benchmark but not able to find
out this information directly.

Please suggest me some benchmark applications.

Thanks & Regards,
Udit Kumar
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