[parsec-users] How to run multiple CPU with x264 & ferret on gem5

Jinchun Kim cienlux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 18:19:46 EST 2012

Hi, All!

I was trying to run x264 & ferret on X86 gem5.
Compiling and running on my host machine works totally fine.
However, when I try it on gem5, I had to boot with 16 CPU and do simulation
with 16 threads.
Unless it shows segmentation fault error.
(Other PARSEC applications have no problem with 4 CPU and 4 threads.)

The funny thing is that x264 exploits only one CPU during simulation.
For the rest of 15 CPUs, fraction of idle cycle is almost 99%.
I heard that someone had same problem like me.
Does anybody have idea how to make it exploit other CPU?

*Jinchun Kim*
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