[parsec-users] some questions about ferret

Jim Dempsey jim at quickthreadprogramming.com
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For some applications, like ferret, the processing can be setup in stages,
also called a pipeline, whereby processing can be performed concurrently in
multiple stages. Some parallel programming paradigms are task model (TBB)
while others are thread model (pThreads). When using thread model paradigms,
you want to tune the thread loads such that no stage has threads waiting.
Pipelining can also reduce the buffering requirements.


Jim Dempsey


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Hi, recently I use the parsec benchmark suite to do performance testing, I
know the ferret benchmark is based on ferret toolkit.  And I have some
questions about ferret , explains as follows:

There are six stages in ferret,including load, Image segmentation,  Feature
extraction, Indexing , Ranking and out. And in the source code, you declares
different variables for the number of threads for different stages like:
1)Does ferret often be used in a way that  the number of threads for
different stages are different? 2)If it was true, can you give me an example
and explain why?

Thanks a lot, any help would be appreciated~




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