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Hi Justin,

On 7 March 2013 05:20, Zhunping Zhang <jzz at mit.edu> wrote:

> Wonder if anyone can enlighten me how VIPS handles input synchronization.
> As I
> understand, an operation in VIPS read inputs from several images and
> outputs to
> one. The output images is shredded into blocks to be processed in parallel.
> Evaluating two different blocks might depend on the same pixel in the input
> images, and some synchronization method is needed to avoid races. May I
> know
> how VIPs implement this? (Pointing to line numbers would be really
> helpful.)

I wrote a post about this:


The PARSEC benchmark uses direct access (the first method described in that

I don't know which version of vips is bundled in current PARSEC, but
looking at libvips git master, the methods you need are
vips_region_image(), which selects a rectangular area of a memory-mapped


Which in turn calls vips_window_ref() to get a reference to a chunk of a


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