[parsec-users] parsec 3.0-error in md5-x86_64.s

Clark lee fengshen186 at gmail.com
Thu May 30 06:30:44 EDT 2013

I find a patch from ssl.
After patching, it seems to be ok.
But new error occurrs.

checking for inflate in -lz... configure: error: *** Working zlib library
and headers not found ***
[PARSEC] Error: 'env /root/parsec-3.0/pkgs/libs/glib/src/configure
--disable-shared --enable-threads --with-threads=posix
--prefix=/root/parsec-3.0/pkgs/libs/glib/inst/amd64-linux.gcc' failed.

2013/5/29 Clark lee <fengshen186 at gmail.com>

> I met almost the same error with this,
> https://lists.cs.princeton.edu/pipermail/parsec-users/2012-November/001480.html
> *The solution(patching) work**s for ver2.1.*
> *Does the patch also work for 3.0?*
> *Or how could I solve this problem?*
> *Thank you for everybody!*
> --
> Thank you!
> Best regards!

Thank you!
Best regards!
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