[parsec-users] x264: double free or corruption

Marcello pogliamarci at hotmail.it
Mon Apr 7 15:59:20 EDT 2014


I am running the x264 benchmark (from both PARSEC 2.1 and 3) on a Debian
testing x86-64 machine using gcc 4.8.2.

The benchmark crashes during the cleanup phase with a series of "double
free or corruption" errors and a segmentation fault in the
x264_cqm_delete function (file src/commons/set.c).

I did not have much time to investigate the problem, but the commit from
upstream [1] solves the problem for me, at least until now (patch to the
PARSEC sources in attachment):

Did anyone else found the same issue?

Hope it is useful.

-- Marcello


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