[parsec-users] Bind CPUs to threads in SPLASH-2 benchmark

shervin hajiamini hajamini_2006 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 12:57:53 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I am using parsec (version 3) and
I want to run the SPLASH-2 benchmark (which is integrated in parsec 3.0) on Gem5 simulator. I need to
bind (pin) the CPUs to the threads in the entire execution of a SPLASH-2 workload.
I have tried using pthread ‘setaffinity’ for the binding but the simulation
gives segmentation fault.

I have attached ‘fft’ source code
(fft.C) to this email wherein lines 461-472 show the statements I use for
binding the cores to the threads. I greatly appreciate if anyone gives me a hint
on how I should correctly implement the binding for SPLASH-2.

Thank you very much,
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