[parsec-users] Binding threads to cores

shervin hajiamini hajamini_2006 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 9 23:19:19 EST 2014

Hi all,

I apologize to bring up this question here since it's not related to the parsec benchmarks but I didn't find any other relevant resource to ask my question from. 

I want to bind (pin) the threads to cores in SPLASH-2 benchmarks and I want to do this inside the source code. In the attached is fft.C file wherein lines 457-467 I use 'pthread_setaffinity_np' for binding threads to cores.

I appreciate if anybody could let me know whether my implementation is correct or how I should implement the binding otherwise. As 'pthread_create' is already generated after compiling 'fft.C' file, I don't know if I should have my own 'pthread_create' function (line #467).

Thank you very much,
Shervin Amini
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