[parsec-users] Tiny Datasets for PARSEC benchmarks

Hamed Sheidaeian h.sheidaeian at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 07:54:08 EDT 2014

Dear All

I'm using parsec benchmarks as workload in a cycle accurate processor
simulator and I should simulate more than 10000 simulations for each
benchmark. This simulations are very time consuming using core or small
datasets (more than an hour), so I need very tiny datasets for these
benchmarks (few minutes for each simulation) :

bodytrack, dedup, facesim, ferret, fluidanimate,freqmine and vips.

My problem is that I'm not familiar with some of input files (for example
.fluid files) or I don't know how to modify them (for example facesim
dataset files).

Any  Help ?

Best Regards
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