[parsec-users] ALPHA+Garnet+ruby+which cache cohrence protocol?

babak aghaei babak_aghaeii at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 28 13:05:08 EDT 2014

Hi All
I want to run 4*4 garnet network. what config you propose for me to run!?
I want also take checkpoint for this network?
I come to a config, I want know yours idea:
 ./build/ALPHA_MESI_Two_Level/gem5.opt configs/example/fs.py -n 16 --l1i_size=32kB --l1d_size=32kB --l2_size=8MB --num-l2caches=16 --topology=Mesh --cpu-type=timing --ruby --garnet-network=fixed --mesh-rows=4 --num-dir=16 --network-fault-model --script=/home/babak/gem5/configs/boot/hack_back_ckpt.rcS

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