[parsec-users] Additional input for bodytrack benchmark

Enrico Deiana 3nric000 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 18:33:32 EST 2015

Dear PARSEC developers and community,

I am working on programs parallelization on multi-core architectures and
using PARSEC-3.0 as main benchmark.

I am currently focusing on "bodytrack", breaking the dependencies among
frame quadruples in order to analyze the distortion of the output, but I
need: 1) a longer video (i.e., more frame quadruples), 2) a higher frame
rate video (i.e., more frame quadruples "similar" to each other) than the
native-input, in order to try different breaking policies. Does anyone have
this kind of input (even one of the two would work!) for bodytrack?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

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