[parsec-users] Bug in fluidanimate?

Ioannis E. Venetis venetis at ceid.upatras.gr
Mon Jun 1 13:51:54 EDT 2015


I am currently using fluidanimate in my work. I think that I found a 
bug, but I would like to verify it.

More specifically, in the file fluid.hpp, the class Vec3 is defined. 
Notice that there are 3 definitions of the class, depending on whether 
some macros are defined or not, but the same issue appears in all of them.

Part of the definition of the class is the line:

bool    operator == (Vec3 const &v) { return (x == v.x) && (y == v.y) && 
(z += v.z); }

Notice the last parenthesis. Shouldn't the above line be:

bool    operator == (Vec3 const &v) { return (x == v.x) && (y == v.y) && 
(z == v.z); }

My understanding is that the operator is used in the file cellpool.cpp, 
so if this is indeed a bug it must be affecting the results.

I would appreciate it if you can verify that this is indeed a bug.

Best regards,

Ioannis E. Venetis
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
University of Patras, Greece
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