[parsec-users] Analyzing PARSEC scalability

Gabriel Southern gsouther at soe.ucsc.edu
Thu Jun 11 22:18:44 EDT 2015

Hi PARSEC users,

I will be presenting a paper entitled "Deconstructing PARSEC Scalability"
at WDDD this coming Sunday at 2:20 PM (WDDD is co-located with ISCA and is
part of FCRC).  This paper is the first to present a detailed analysis of
the scalability of PARSEC for all input sets along with measuring ROI only
or measuring full execution.  I think it may be of interest to people who
use PARSEC for their research.

The schedule for WDDD is available at:

The papers aren't yet listed on the WDDD site, but my paper is available at:

I hope some PARSEC users find it interesting.

-Gabriel Southern
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