[parsec-users] Running PARSEC on SimpleScalar

Zhang,Jiantao zjt0228 at ufl.edu
Wed Nov 30 20:20:54 EST 2016

Good day,
I'm trying to run PARSEC benchmark on SimpleScalar with the "gcc-hooks" tool, which is mentioned in the "README" file, as "parsecmgmt -a run -c gcc-hooks -s sim-outorder -p freqmine -i simsmall -n 4".

However, I find it cannot work in this way, I got "fatal: bad magic number in executable:..." every time I tried. I think the reason would be that I didn't compile with "sslittle/ssbig-na-sstrix" so I cannot run by "sim-outorder", which is one of the tools of SimpleScalar.

I wonder if I can actually run PARSEC on SimpleScalar, if yes, how can I compile the file, or just work with some kind of "build" ?


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