[sndtools] Help :)

Khalid Aallouche khalid.aallouche at tut.fi
Sat Dec 9 19:11:01 EST 2006

Hi (again!!),

I can give you some hints: I know that the error comes from  
RtAudio.cpp. I didn't forget to include the rigth 'lib' and 'include'  
path and I obtained that error: "error C3861:  
'DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate': identifier not found" and       "error  
C2065: 'LPDIRECTSOUNDCAPTURE' : undeclared identifier".
It's very strange because there is not any definition of  
DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate...may be Windows XP doesn't contains it?!

I try to fix that error the whole day and without result.
Please I really need some help for that project (sndpeek)

Thank you

Quoting Khalid Aallouche <khalid.aallouche at tut.fi>:

> Hi all,
> I have found glu.h and gl.h (It was present in MVC++ files...). But I
> still have a problem in the compilation step... (104 errors... :(  ).
> If someone manage to compile that project (sndpeek) under MVC++, I
> will accept his help with pleasure ;)
> Thank you and sorry for the disturbance
> Quoting Khalid Aallouche <khalid.aallouche at tut.fi>:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to use sndpeek and first compile it under MVC++ (windows). I
>> have a problem in the compilation process and I think that the problem
>> is coming from glu.h and gl.h (I have downloaded glut.h from the
>> Website) . The program tells that it can not read it...and I make a
>> research in my HD --> no result. Please, I need your help.
>> Tell me what I have to do or where can I find those files.
>> Thank you very much,
>> Khalid

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