[sndtools] Help :)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Dec 9 22:33:40 EST 2006

Hi Khalid!

Welcome and sorry you are having trouble.

First of all, have you tried the windows executable?


To figure out why sndpeek isn't compiling, can you provide the  
following information?

- MSVC++ version
- the text of first few compilation errors
- are you using the .dsw files provided with the download?

It's weird you are getting an error in DirectSound.  A version of it  
should be included with MSVC++ (6.0 and up).  sndpeek should be happy  
with DirectSound 5.0 and later, though sometimes it is necessary to  
force the compiler to use version 5.0.

Thanks and I hope we can resolve this issue.


On Dec 9, 2006, at 7:11 PM, Khalid Aallouche wrote:

> Hi (again!!),
> I can give you some hints: I know that the error comes from
> RtAudio.cpp. I didn't forget to include the rigth 'lib' and 'include'
> path and I obtained that error: "error C3861:
> 'DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate': identifier not found" and       "error
> C2065: 'LPDIRECTSOUNDCAPTURE' : undeclared identifier".
> It's very strange because there is not any definition of
> DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate...may be Windows XP doesn't contains it?!
> I try to fix that error the whole day and without result.
> Please I really need some help for that project (sndpeek)
> Thank you
> Khalid
> Quoting Khalid Aallouche <khalid.aallouche at tut.fi>:
>> Hi all,
>> I have found glu.h and gl.h (It was present in MVC++ files...). But I
>> still have a problem in the compilation step... (104 errors... :(  ).
>> If someone manage to compile that project (sndpeek) under MVC++, I
>> will accept his help with pleasure ;)
>> Thank you and sorry for the disturbance
>> Quoting Khalid Aallouche <khalid.aallouche at tut.fi>:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I want to use sndpeek and first compile it under MVC++ (windows). I
>>> have a problem in the compilation process and I think that the  
>>> problem
>>> is coming from glu.h and gl.h (I have downloaded glut.h from the
>>> Website) . The program tells that it can not read it...and I make a
>>> research in my HD --> no result. Please, I need your help.
>>> Tell me what I have to do or where can I find those files.
>>> Thank you very much,
>>> Khalid
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