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thor th.list at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 17:09:52 EST 2006

Hi Khalid

Have you thought about using Lame to decode the mp3 into
a wav file and then just use feed sndtools the wav file?

it's a simple command in lame:

lame --decode myMp3.mp3 myWav.wav

> I will try to analyse MP3 files but is seems to be difficult...
> I have another question:
> I don't need real time processing. So, What I want to do is analyse
> the sound file (very fastly). But I don't know how to analyse the file
> very fastly(without producing any sound, only get the result such as
> centroid, RMS...). But before doing that, I want to get the exact
> instant of each measure...for example at t=3 s, rms=xxx...After I will
> put that results in a structure containing  int time_second, float
> centroid, float rms....and store structures in an array (or vector, or
> file...)
> If someone can help me, it will be very helpful for me...
> Thanks so much
> Khalid
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