[sndtools] Compiling rt_lpc [OSX]

Dan Stowell dan.stowell at elec.qmul.ac.uk
Wed Oct 4 09:18:18 EDT 2006

Hi -

rt_lpc looks really interesting. I'm trying to compile it on an (Intel) Mac.

The compiled version from your website works fine, but I'm trying to 
compile it so I can start to do other things with it. If I run "make -f 
makefile.osx" it seems to compile OK, but then when I run "./rt_lpc" the 
following happens:

1) The window appears, with OpenGL lines drawn. They're completely flat 
(as if sound input thread not running?)

2) After about a second, the window disappears, and the app crashes 
leaving the message "Bus error" on the terminal.

Can you offer any hints about why this might be happening? An excerpt 
from the crash log follows:

Exception:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes:      KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000000

Thread 2 Crashed:
0   rt_lpc                    	0x0000a173 
RtApi::convertStreamBuffer(RtApi::StreamMode) + 3343
1   rt_lpc                    	0x0000b968 
RtApiCore::callbackEvent(unsigned long, void*, void*) + 1094
2   rt_lpc                    	0x0000bd9f callbackHandler(unsigned long, 
AudioTimeStamp const*, AudioBufferList const*, AudioTimeStamp const*, 
AudioBufferList*, AudioTimeStamp const*, void*) + 47
3   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x91471912 HP_IOProc::Call(AudioTimeStamp 
const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioBufferList const*, AudioTimeStamp 
const&, AudioBufferList*) + 240
4   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x91470e4e 
IOA_Device::CallIOProcs(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, 
AudioTimeStamp const&) + 274
5   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x91470bd9 
HP_IOThread::PerformIO(AudioTimeStamp const&) + 1299
6   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x9146f001 HP_IOThread::WorkLoop() + 953
7   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x9146ec43 
HP_IOThread::ThreadEntry(HP_IOThread*) + 17
8   com.apple.audio.CoreAudio 	0x91463239 CAPThread::Entry(CAPThread*) + 93
9   libSystem.B.dylib         	0x90023d87 _pthread_body + 84

Thanks in advance for any hints -


Dan Stowell
Centre for Digital Music
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS

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