[sndtools] Broken Link (rt_pvc-1.0.1)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 9 00:30:01 EST 2007

> The link to rt_pvc-1.0.1 on the page is 404.

Oh yes.  Hmm, I think we removed 1.0.1 because it was rather broken, 
but forgot to take out the link.  There seems to be an old executable 
of 1.0.1 right below, but I think in general rt_pvc is need of some 
fixin' and tweakin'.  We hope to make it better in the future.  If you 
are interested, I can send you a snapshot of rt_pvc from CVS, though 
again, the code is likely to be in bad shape until someone fixes it.


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