[sndtools] Bug? in the source code?

Ananya Misra amisra at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Nov 9 16:29:43 EST 2007


Thanks for catching this! We'll put out a fixed version of sndpeek soon. 
For now, there's a corrected version of just the sndpeek.cpp file at

In our tests with wav files, the output is fine (not always 0s). Does this 
happen with all the wav files you've tried?


On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Arkaitz wrote:

> Hi,
> Im compiling sndpeek from source and if I use it with --nodisplay and
> --print it segfaults trying to memset a noninitialized memory field at
> sndpeek.cpp:643 . This variable is initialized in initialize_graphics
> function which is not executed when running sndpeek with --nodisplay.
> At least it is not working for me.
> I am trying to use it with files instead of mic, but my wav file
> outputs alwasy the same (all 0s), is it working properly/
> Thanks
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> Arkaitz
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