[sndtools] source format of sndtools?

Ananya Misra amisra at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 17 12:40:02 EDT 2007


I'm afraid all the documentation we have is on the rt_lpc page, in the 
sndtools paper, or part of the source code.

The default audio sample rate is hard-coded based on platform, but can be 
set to something else when starting rt_lpc from the command line. rt_lpc 
itself doesn't set a max sample rate -- anything above 0 is good. But of 
course there are hardware limitations. Also, the software uses RtAudio, 
which *may* allow a max of 192000 Hz (not sure about this).

I hope this answers the right question!


On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, Rajesh Kurian wrote:

> Ananya,
> I think internet explorer is doing tgz2tar conversion.
> I got all the files. Thank you again for the help.
> Let me dive deeper now...
> Is there any detailed documentation on the  design of "rt_lpc : real-time
> LPC analysis + synthesis" particularly max sample rate.
> Regards
> Rajesh

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