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Hi Raktim,

The canonical paper on LPC is probably "Speech Analysis and Synthesis
by Linear Prediction of the Speech Wave" by B. Atal, Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America (1970/71). Perhaps others have
suggestions for more recent tutorials and papers.

The relevant visualization software in the sndtools package is rt_lpc:

It's open source, so you can also enjoy the source code in this download:


On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 2:49 AM, Raktim Haldar
<raktim.halder21 at gmail.com> wrote:
> To
> Princeton University,
>  I am an Electronics Engineer by profession. I am from India , and
> wish to do some works on the very interesting topic,' REAL-TIME TEXT
> INDEPENDENT SPEECH RECOGNITION'. This is really challenging as no
> system can recognize speech with more than 80% accuracy. We
> individually have done some works on this topic using MATLAB. I found
> some usefulness of LINEAR PREDICTIVE CODES in speech synthesis and
> voice recognition, But due to lack of facilities and resources we can
> not progress especially on this particular aspect.
>               I found that you are one of the pioneers of this
> field. So I like to ask your help. Can you provide me some very useful
> papers and tutorials on this 'LPC' ? It will be also very helpful if
> you provide me a .EXE file or software which can show me a demo of
>               Hope you can find a little bit time from your busy
> schedule for me. I need your help badly.
> Thank You very Much.
> Yours faithfully
> Raktim haldar
> India.
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