[sndtools] Hi there, can anyone help with sndtools on XP ?

Bob Alexander gogonegro at gmail.com
Tue May 24 12:39:31 EDT 2011

Hi Ananya and thanks a lot for replying !

In the command winow I see:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My
sndpeek + wutrfall (1.3b)
Ge Wang, Perry R. Cook, Ananya Misra

followed by the help for the keys plus the usual graphic window opening with
no action at all. The q key or any other for that matter do not seem to

Pressing Ctrl-C in the command window or closing the graphical window
terminates the program.

I launched sndpeek.exe on a WAV file and it works perfectly well.

If I may air a suspicion is that sndpeek is not "understanding" which device
is the microphone.

Thanks for any further help in pinpointing the problem.


PS Is there any other real time application albeit not as nice which will
show a waveform / spectral analysis of a sound picked up by a mic in a Win
PC ?

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Ananya Misra <amisra at cs.princeton.edu>wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I hope others will have input, but meanwhile, can you send us a copy-paste
> of anything that's printed in the command window? Does it work if you use a
> wav file instead of mic input (for example, if you start it from the command
> line with "sndpeek filename")?
> Thanks!
> -Ananya
> On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 7:44 AM, Bob Alexander <gogonegro at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> yesterday I DLed sndtools on the Mac and it works great.
>> Today I DLed the Windows version from
>> http://soundlab.cs.princeton.edu/software/sndpeek/files/sndpeek-1.3-exe.zipand upon running it I get the command line window and the graphical
>> presentation running but without any sound activity.
>> The PC on which  I am running is a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 and tried with
>> both the builtin and an headphone mics without any results.
>> If I run Audacity or other applications which record sound, or Skype the
>> mic/headphone work just perfectly.
>> Any idea on what I could attempt ?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Robert
>> PS I have DLed this for my son which plays the electric bass and would
>> like to give a real life demonstration of the properties of sound playing it
>> at school for his physics class ! It's in 4 days (saturday) so I really hope
>> to get this working ! :)
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