[sndtools] rt-lpc compile error Visual Studio

Kevin Kerle kkerle at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 1 18:49:40 EDT 2014

   Ran into this compile error compiling rt-lpc in Visual Studio 7:

c:\cygwin\home\hank\rt_lpc-1.0\src\rt_lpc.cpp(974): error C2666: 
'pow' : 7 overloads have similar conversions

                 g_spectrums[wf][i].y = g_gain * g_freq_scale * .7f *
                     ::pow( 25 * cmp_abs( cbuf[i] ), .5 ) + y;

    This is easily fixed with an explicit cast, but which one...?

     It would appear that the correct cast would be to 
pos(double,double) .  This seems to fix the problem,  but this is a 
bug that really should be fixed...  Anyone out there monitoring this 
list for bugs?


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