[talks] Programming Languages and Compilers

cbell at CS.Princeton.EDU cbell at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 6 16:58:48 EST 2007

Come to the new reading group for programming languages and compilers 
this Friday at 12:20 in room 302!

Food will be provided.

Please RSVP (to cbell at cs) by Wednesday night so we can determine how 
much to order, and sign up to this mailing-list for further 
plc-seminar at lists.cs.princeton.edu

The first paper we discuss will be "AVIO: Detecting Atomicity 
Violations via Access Interleaving Invariants", by Shan Lu, Joe Tucek, 
Feng Qin, and Yuanyuan Zhou. 

(Yuanyuan Zhou will be here tomorrow: 

This will be a somewhat informal reading group where "presenting" a 
paper is not required. Rather, we will take turns each week leading the 
discussion. So be prepared to talk.


Finally, there are two talks coming up that may also interest you.

On Monday, November 19th, there will be two talks by visiting speakers:

12:00   Gang Tan, Boston College: Inter-language analysis across Java and C
Place: probably CS 105.  Host: A. Appel
This talk is for those interested in programming languages, in 
security, and in systems. Gang will talk about finding bugs and 
security holes in real software at the interfaces, after people have 
already gone through with all the modern tools that find bugs inside 
the Java components and inside the C components.

1:30  Stephanie Weirich, U. Penn.:  Engineering Formal Metatheory
Place:  probably CS 301.  Host: A. Appel
This talk is for those interested in programming languages, lambda 
calculus, and formal methods.  Stephanie will talk about recent ways to 
formalize lambdas and binders in Coq, in her solution to the POPLmark 

Christian Bell

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