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Wednesday, December 10, 12:00 noon
Computational Intractability:
A Barrier for Computers, Man, and Science
Sanjeev Arora

Computers are increasingly important in society as well as every area of 
scholastic inquiry. Nevertheless, there appear to be tasks that are 
infeasible for current computers. In recent decades, we have begun to 
develop an understanding of what makes computational tasks "intractable" 
not just for current computers but for all foreseeable computers. This 
has implications for many scientific fields. The study of intractability 
can also yield positive benefits, such as cryptographic schemes, secure 
e-voting, and e-commerce.

Recently the National Science Foundation decided to fund an "Expedition" 
center headquartered at Princeton that will study computational 
intractability. I will give an overview of both the field and what our 
center is trying to accomplish.

*Sanjeev Arora* is a Professor of Computer Science and the Director of 
the Center for Theoretical Computer Science and the Director of the 
Center for Intractability.

Most Lunch 'n Learn presentations take place in *Frist Multipurpose Room 
B*. Cookies and beverages are provided. /Bring your lunch and learn!

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