[talks] talk on road/traffic monitoring with smart phones starting in 5 min in CS 105

Jennifer Rexford jrex at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Mar 14 10:56:16 EDT 2008

Jennifer Rexford wrote:
> Hi folks,
> On Friday March 14, Venkat Padmanabhan -- who leads the Mobility, 
> Networks, and Systems group at Microsoft Research India -- will be 
> visiting.  See
>  http://research.microsoft.com/research/mns/default.aspx
> His talk is at 11am in the small auditorium (CS 105), with the 
> title/abstract below.  He'd also like to give interested folks an 
> overview of the MSR lab in Bangalore, and to discuss career 
> opportunities for internships, research positions, and visiting 
> researchers.  That session will start run from 2:15-3:30pm, in a room 
> to-be-announced later.  Please let me know if you'd like to meet with 
> Venkat and/or join for lunch at noon.
> -- Jen
> Speaker: Venkat Padmanabhan
> Title: TrafficSense: Rich Road and Traffic Monitoring Using Mobile 
> Smartphones
> Abstract:
> We consider the problem of monitoring road and traffic conditions in a 
> city. Prior work in this area has required the deployment of dedicated 
> sensors on vehicles and/or on the roadside, or the tracking of mobile 
> phones by service providers. Furthermore, prior work has largely focused 
> on the developed world, with its relatively simple traffic flow 
> patterns. In fact, traffic flow in cities of the developing regions, 
> which comprise much of the world, tends to be much more complex owing to 
> varied road conditions (e.g., potholed roads), chaotic traffic (e.g., a 
> lot of braking and honking), and a heterogeneous mix of vehicles 
> (2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, cars, buses, etc.).
> To monitor road and traffic conditions in such a setting, we present 
> TrafficSense, a system that piggybacks on smartphones that users carry 
> around with them. Each participating smartphone performs rich sensing 
> using its communication radios, GPS, accelerometer, and microphone, 
> scans for and exchanges information from other participating phones in 
> its neighbourhood, and reports processed information back to a central 
> server for aggregation and reporting. We discuss key technical 
> challenges, including energy optimization and the need for hands-free 
> operation, present the design of TrafficSense, including how information 
> from multiple sensors is combined to make inferences, and evaluate it in 
> various road and traffic settings in Bangalore.
> (Joint work with Prashanth Mohan and Ram Ramjee.)
> Bio:
> Venkat Padmanabhan is a Senior Researcher and Research Manager at 
> Microsoft Research India in Bangalore, where he founded and now leads 
> the Mobility, Networks, and Systems group. Venkat was previously with 
> Microsoft Research Redmond for 8.5 years. His research interests are in 
> networked systems and his current projects focus on mobile and sensor 
> systems, and network management. His professional service has included 
> serving as program (co-)chair for ACM NOSSDAV 2004, ACM IMC 2005, and 
> IEEE HotWeb 2008, and as an affiliate faculty member at the University 
> of Washington, where he has taught and served in student thesis 
> committees. Venkat holds a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and an M.S. and Ph.D. 
> from UC Berkeley, all in Computer Science.
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