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Wed Nov 5 09:32:28 EST 2008

Chang Kim will present his preFPO on Monday November 10 at 9AM in Room 402.
The members of his committee are:  Jennifer Rexford, advisor; Michael Freedman 
and Albert Greenberg (MSR), readers; Vivek Pai and Margaret Martonosi, nonreaders. 
Everyone is invited to attend his talk.  The abstract follows below.

Scalable and Efficient Self-Configuring Networks
Maintaining scalability and efficiency in conventional networks often requires
huge amount of administrative effort to configure network devices 
and protocols. Large configuration overhead increases operational expenditures 
and leads to frequent failures due to configuration mistakes. 
On the other hand, self-configuring networks, such as Ethernet, work only 
on a small scale, because increasing the size of the network rapidly degrades 
its performance (e.g., skews link utilization, stretches traffic-forwarding paths, 
lowers availability, delays failover, etc.). 
This thesis proposes a simple and generic set of architectural primitives 
that enable self-configuring in a large network without sacrificing performance. 
Those primitives are flat addressing, traffic indirection, and caching of routing state. 
By building upon these primitives, the thesis proposes and evaluates three specific 
architectural solutions designed respectively for enterprises, data centers, and
i) a scalable Ethernet architecture for large enterprises (SEATTLE),
ii) a next-generation data-center network architecture (Monsoon), and 
iii) a scalable VPN routing architecture for large tier-1 providers (Relaying). 
The resulting architectures collectively demonstrate the efficacy of the 
primitives in resolving the tussle among scalability, efficiency, and lower 
management complexity.
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